We reserve the right to change the answer or policies at any time without notice.

Q: I want to come to your school to try a class for free. Do I need to call to schedule a time?
A: No. You are welcome any time we are having classes. We prefer you come to try the class you would actually be taking. No appointment is necessary, just show up. Be sure to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. A t-shirt and sweat or yoga pants in the winter and a t-shirt and shorts in the summer. The registration form is required before training. You are welcome to click on the red “Register Now” button below and submit the form online. If not, we have forms at the dojo you can fill out.

Q: If a holiday falls on a training day and you are closed, is there a make-up class? What if I am sick and I miss a class?
A: If you are enrolled in classes at our main location, yes, you can come any extra day a week prior or a week after the holiday or sick day as long as the makeup class falls in the same calendar month as the class you missed. For those training at ACSC or CHRC, those facilities do not provide make-up classes.

Q: I have paid for July, August and September but we will be on vacation for most of August, can we use payment for August in October?
A: When prepaying 3-12 months in advance, months paid must be used consecutively. However, you may make up these classes in the prior or following month, but please come talk to us and let us know what you are planning.

Q: I have moved to West Valley and am no longer able to drive my child to classes. I have paid for three months and have two months left, can I get two months worth back?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to issue refunds for prepaid classes or private lessons.

Q: We already have something scheduled on the day of the next belt test. I would still like my child to advance. Can he be tested on a different day?
A: Yes, private or semi private tests are available by request. The cost is the usual testing fee + $25 extra per student for a private or semi private test. Please contact Shihan Marius to set up a time that works for your family and Shihan.