New Student Info

  1. All children need to use the bathroom BEFORE each class!
  2. Bring a spill proof pre-filled water bottle to each class.  (Cups are not provided or available.)
  3. Please only wear white undershirts under the uniform.
  4. Patches for uniforms will need to be purchased and sewn on before the first test.
  5. Gloves need to be purchased before testing for 8 kyu (full yellow).
  6. Foot/Shin Protection needs to be purchased before testing for 7 kyu (full orange).

Payment Policies:

All lessons, for all locations, need to be paid in full calendar month increments at the beginning of the month. If you sign up in the middle of the month, payment for classes during the first month can be purchased per lesson or in a whole month increment, whichever is less. Students taking classes at the main location and CHRC are required to sign up for automatic payments via ACH. When prepaying for 3-12 months in advance, months paid must be used consecutively.

If payment for lessons already received in the calendar month is paid after the 10th day a $10 late fee will be added to the monthly dues. There are no refunds for monthly dues.

Punch cards can be purchased at any time at the beginning of a month only. If payment is not received and classes are taken, even if only one, you will be charged for a whole month unless changes are discussed prior to class. Punch cards do not apply to classes at CHRC or ACSC. Additional training via private lesson is available upon request. Please ask for details.

If you take a vacation during some point in the year and come back in the middle of the month we can accommodate you. Please come discuss these options before your vacation. If you have paid in advance for 3-12 months, these paid months need to be taken consecutively.  For example, if you pay for April thru June, and you want to take a break from karate, you will forfeit June’s payment.

Little Dragon Students:

We need to ask that parents/guardians not leave the dojo while your little dragon student is in class. Many times they need help in the bathroom or with their uniform after the bathroom and Sensei cannot leave the rest of the students to help one child. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to class to take your child to the restroom. This will help reduce the number of times they need to leave class to use the bathroom. Also, please be sure they have a spill-proof water bottle, prefilled so they are ready for class. We would also appreciate if you would remind your child, in the car on the way to the dojo, that they need to listen to Sensei, train hard, and focus. Research has shown that children actually listen better during car rides! As you are waiting for your child’s class, we ask that you carry on with conversations quietly so they aren’t distracted by a lot of outside noise.